Sunday, May 3, 2015


                                       MAY 16/17TH, HAGERSTOWN MARYLAND
                                                              BEAVER CREEK

Many do not know that Beaver Creek was one of the first 'FLIES-ONLY' streams in the country back in the 1930's. Having had hatchery effluent problems, habitat degradation and siltation problems over the decades since hurricane Agnes came through in the 70's. Beaver
 Creek is now back! Thanks to the help of TU/FFF, Watershed Council, Chesapeake Watershed grant money and the creeks Watershed council and Maryland DNR, wild browns are once again thriving along with fat healthy rainbows. When I lived in Washington, DC for a decade back in my hotel executive days, I fished Beaver Creek almost weekly and worked with the biologists to establish wild brown trout- 30 years later it is now a success!
Join the Author and guide for an intimate in-depth, two day clinic- Saturday and Sunday, May 16th/17th. Learn to crack the code of the Selectivity stages and understand Cumberland Valley limestone spring creek/tailwater trout -like the Beaver and Savage River offers. Having guided tailwaters and spring creeks for over 28 years, I am well familiar with these fussy fisheries. 

 Most importantly , learn and understand my views on diagnostics for ' PREDATOR FORAGING PROFILES (PFP ),-( in my new upcoming Fly Fisherman Magazine article), which will make many of my  observations of spring creek and tailwater trout foraging more obvious and understood to properly present the right offering and style.
Two days of classroom clinics, learning to tie some new scud/crustacea patterns, blue-winged olives/ wiggle nymphs, getting ready for the sulphur hatch emergers, and the final delectables of spring creek and tailwater trout!- midges/chironomidae, and terrestrials.
Both days will revolve heavily on 'boots in water', on-stream instruction- study trout behavior, learn entomology, read 'taking water based on PFP, and understand perfect leviathan big brown holding water for sculpinating -sometimes it is so bloody obvious we walk right past it!!!. 
Learning to use your fly rod arsenal  by incorporating short and tucked modified single handed spey casts in the tight brush and tree cover that small streams command- ESPECIALLY BEAVER!!!-  attention to when presentation perfection- upstream/downstream- when to apply them- based on PFP, is all part of the gig !
Saturday night is an intimate dinner and cocktail hour to discuss comments/progress/ ..whatever is on your mind!- with a guest speaker from the Maryland DNR, and Watershed Council.
 I am embarking on a series of 'Selectivity Clinics' nationwide and next year in Europe- my homeland!
Hope to see you!

any questions, concerns that 'you are novices' is not a problem- the gig is all about learning!- fly fishing is a complete empirical laboratory, where your minds are allowed to wonder and have fun!