Tuesday, April 21, 2015


( Finally maties...fresh chrome!!!, with the Great Lakes version of pacific sea lice- lamprey scars!- yes we know they are really fresh then!)
Having this be my 20th year anniversary guiding for steelhead/trout salmon( we started in 1995- I went PRO May 1995 as a disillusioned, burned out 'gone fishin' corporate international hotel senior executive...whew, that's a long title)  , I can sincerely tell you me lads and lassies,  bye golly I was petrified of what a run of steelhead was  to be had this year- spring 2015. Fishing has been, for real fly guys/gals 'touch and go'.- 'epic days-boat show days'- frustrating days all spring.

 After a dismal/pathetic/deplorable fall run of salmon , AND!!! steelhead,( torch Lake Atlantic salmon was epic! thank God), also the coldest sub zero winter on record, two years of the Great Lakes being totally frozen over due to our 'Polar Vortex', parked on the Midwest and east coast like a stubborn pit bull squatting on a butcher's slop wagon( global climate CHANGE!), I was scared shitless of what was to be... no BS!

So,  I beg you to indulge me that steelhead don't adhere/ have our Gregorian  calendar cycle, don't' know 'spring break' cycles, don't' care about what dates you and your guide re-booked for next year, cause 'you slayed them' on those dates last year!...they have 'life survival strategies' (LSS)...(see my "Selectivity book'), that tell them when 'it is right, now, do it, go, survive!'

It snowed today, water conditions stained and perfect, chrome fish pouring into the system like love -sick horny turkeys'- (yes grouse were drumming like hell, and wild tom turkey's walking around like the Macy's parade today), thus larger fresh fish have arrived and are mounting a full out assault on gravel/pools..hallelujah!!!!( funny how all of nature blends in like a perfect Copland's 'Appalachian Spring' symphonic ritual.

Fish migrate by water temp, photoperiod of daylight and flow- simple!...full moon cycles, barometric pressure changes just add to the pineal gland/ melatonin synthesis.

Ladies and gents...the run is in full swing!...for those that waited!- timing is everything or nothing!- that's fishing!

The next 6-8 weeks will be crazy!- last year we had steelhead until June 22- no shit!

So, if you think you missed it?...NOT!...we still have a few good dates to get in on the action FYI.

Yes we still have a few dates left...this is not a promotional ad,  just a fact of what is happening on the spring 15 run

"chickens have come home to roost"...thank God!

cheers!- and na zdrowie