Tuesday, November 11, 2014


(Marvin Cash- National Board of Director for the Federation of Fly Fisherman-FFF-from North Carolina with a 'trifecta' in three days with me- first steelhead on the swing, on the Muskegon- first time using a two hander , and a buck and hen Atlantic salmon swinging a white tube leech....awesome Marvin!- it was spectacular!-)

(Phil from Connecticut with a lake-run brown on his  Hang Time tube leech)

Way too much chatter on Al Gore's internet  about the "THE steelhead..RUN!"!- good/bad/lack of ?...these  PICS tell the story!....conditions?.....well:)- you have to work for your fish but they are there and more to come.- bait and center pin guys doing good in lower river with slack water lies-swinging is swinging- you earn and enjoy everyone you get..;)..we have had great December fishing and I predict another this year......- low clear water. will change and fish are off the piers each day....But!.....RAIN/SNOW/COLD coming!!!. mykiss and salar, if they are on Face Crack, will give this weather a big like...

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PEACE..LOVE AND ALWAYS!...NA ZDROWIE! ( to your health!)