Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Tonight, while driving thru a monsoon rain flood, Tornado warnings / watches on my way to do a seminar in Pittsburgh at International Angler...then going to experience tomorrow the new global "cooling", I think there is a million dollar book expose on " how to survive the global climate change and be a fly fishing guide- or not!" Seriously, we went from a cold summer, to a hot early fall, to "ice age' coming in next week. ...if you don't think migrating salmonids are confused..I'm sorry- they are!
Summer steelhead still trickle in on the St. Joe...the big newcomer will be the 450,000 stocked Platte River wild cohos that are a month late...both in IN in Trail Creek and the Joe
Midge and caddis stuffed browns and rainbows are sucking in mega bugs below Croton to Newaygo- lower river has steno/heptagenia hebe cahills and tiny Pseudo bwo's...last week saw the river temps rise ..but now will on the MO feed on the surface until 74F due to all the dissolved oxygen...BUT!...fight them quick,,,hemos for fly out of mouth...only take pics when water is below 68F..."TRICK" barbless, and when they come into your gel rubber net...they pop out on their own..90% of time! soon as they bounce off the trampline net!..:)
Salmon...this big flush of water will move them fast!
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OOOPS!...forgot, I'll be at International Angler tomorrow night...Paint Creek Rod and Fly Festival...Clinton Valley TU Saturday Sept. 13.....West Michigan TU- Steelhead Symposium- October- Founders Brewery...Casters Fly Shop..Dave Hise..Asheville North Carolina, November 28/29...and PA Steelhead Association - December 10th..all clinics and stream side events