Monday, July 21, 2014


( afternoon ant eater on a cow country spring /freestone mix) 
It's an amazing time of year! In decades past states would close their trout seasons in July (PA for example). But now with more tail waters and focus on mountain ice cold frestoners and spring creeks, this is actually the most challenging and rewarding time for the true troutsman to shine.


There are two main types....valley frestoners and high altitude mountain gradient freestoners. The first is usually a series of tributaries culminating into giant freestone rivers -the Catskill and Montana rivers can describe these waters. In teh summer there is strong trout migrations towards ice cold thermal brooks and refuge areas- Horton Brook on the Beaverkill is one example.

The later has very cold mountain spring caverns that keep its predominantly wild trout-mainly brookies, happy and cold all day.


The mornings usually see the tiny trico hatches couple with a few rusty Pseudocloeon spinners (bwo). Also a few very large leviathans are stirring from the night feeding foraging binge before they go P/D for an afternoon snooze.

Afternoons are the S/R mind game venues that trout play with terrestrials; ants, beetles, hoppers..etc. I say' mind games' because though they really relish these morsels, they somewhat always question the authenticity of their being...and make very complex/compound rises
Night and evening activity brings out the A/A behavior of the larger brown trout that go on the hunt for anything that moves: large pteronarcys stoneflies, mice, snakes...anything that will feed these 70 million year old modern dinosaurs...concentrate around bridge pools, and deep pools with wooded structure. 

Next...spring creeks !