Sunday, June 8, 2014


( The smaller creeks are running full and full of fat trout also...bring lots of  DEET!)

If our trout eat any more they are going to explode! - they already look like fat carp! The flood has brought us many blessings in disguise.
A deep tannin stain tea stain to the water from the near eradication of the zebra mussels have given the trout extreme security in surface feeding. Also plenty of deep shoreline ledges that created more gray drake emerging territory and moisture....the weather has been perfect cool 75-80 F nights. 
The hatches- particularly the gray drakes have been 24/7....morning to evening spinner falls with the waters so congested the fish are stuffed. Little windows of opportunity exsist if you catch them. The 12 inch fish are 14 inches in girth!. 

What remains for June is the onset of heavier Isonychia hatches, bwos, sulphur and large stoneflies. The caddis hatches have also been insane, not to mention the salmon and steelhead fry/parr, sucker spawn and YES1...I still guided for steelhead last weds/Thurs/Friday to anglers from all over the country that never seen a steelhead...had to do what I had to do!!!
Fish Cluster patterns when fish are giving you S/R refusals!!!

(Isos just started ...caddis thick...second brood coming August/September/October!)

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