Monday, April 7, 2014


                          ( the 'Juice man' from Chicago yesterday with a nice chrome February male on April 6th ..4:15 PM)....)

YUP!....for those of you that held out as long as you can for the spring run,-  luck will be on your side.We are just seeing our late February chrome fish as water temps are ridiculously low at 34 F for this time of year, ( please don't tell the other blogs I said this..:(..... !Due to the most bitter winter on record ( YES!!!! in 100 years!)  the reservoirs are still full of ice and ice fishermen and the solid thick coating of ice, combined with spilling at the dam over the top( yeah!...they should be drawing bottom draw...but Consumers power still ain't fix dem turbines right under the ice cover),SO,,,,  making the fish feel like its late February...( even in winter our water tempos are 36F). With all the Lake Michigan ice out there still closing down( 50 % per NOAA).... the photo light period to many steelhead , we are just starting TO the river mouths, will entail what will be a two month main run lasting well into June! bull!...or if I'm wrong?..the Devil made me say that  for big $$$$$ !

 All this is based on we had good numbers of steelhead until Fathers day June 9th back in the early 2000's on a bitter arctic winter. Peter Basta , top Orvis Corporate' river runs through it!'.. Manchester Guide just got here and our fish will be trickling in due to the water to warm very" gradually" which will make for a very exciting and drawn out spring run to benefit everyone's schedule. We still have some good dates and will not have to' boat ride' ( most popular pastime on the MO !) much as the weeks progress allowing for more normal spring fishing and lower water levels and higher water is just starting! nice to your guides city people!...we have been thru winter's hell !..and we are bird dogs trying to get your guns and  dogs on point for the kill!.photo and release !..cheers!
I ( narcissist) will be one of the featured speakers at this weekend's one of a kind outdoor fly fishing/wine/food and beer festivals in Southern VA trout country...mecca! Ill be doing programs and clinics and hope to see my many east coast friends from my Washington DC , VA and PA days I spent there in the hotel business!

Also, tomorrow night I ( narcissist!) will be in Rochester/Troy MI doing a Selectivity book and DVD presentation at Clinton Valley Trout Unlimited at Camp Ticonderoga Bar and to public zdrowie!..(sorry for the ethnic toast!)