Tuesday, March 25, 2014


(CV's first steelhead- nice chrome hen)
Yesterday was an amazing day for my Texas client Chris Vanover who came to Michigan for a week to catch his first steelhead. Chris is an avid big rainbow and brown chaser on the San Juan and White river using scud/midge/ sow bug..... dude loved our huge Michigan rainbows! When the wind started blowing the below wind chill temps clicked in yesterday evening and it got bloody downright brutally cold...but the last light bite was typical January fishing in March!
( last light bite- nice double bander red buck...got to see both spectrum's of the steelhead color collage....lucky ass Texan!)
(Patagonia "Das Parka" saved my cold white ass later in the day!)
Still have some good dates left for when spring decides to show up!...I will be dressed in black until it does to mourn !

...don't even think twice about it!

Amazing deal to fish Russia's remarkable Atlantic salmon with hosted trip by good friend Jeff Bright....can't beat this once in a lifetime price!
May 18-25, 2014 — Salmon Junkies Grand Varzuga Camp. Regular rate is 3095 EUR. Because of cancellation, I can offer it for 1975 EUR. Buyer can pay direct to Salmon Junkies in EUR by wire transfer, or pay me 2865 USD. I have one opening.