Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year-New Look-New Book !

Happy New Year!- hope all had a great holiday season!
The first cases of 'Selectivity' are making their way into the fly shops and if it's too cold outside to fish, hope you can enjoy this new read. We are also finalizing our winter/spring bookings for steelhead trips so we look forward to seeing you in 2014. Can't wait to get back on the river for steelhead once this "hopefully last" arctic onslaught hits again early this week. Check out our web site for a good deal ' winter prime time half day steelhead special '
Had a great time seeing family on the east coast, did an inaugural book signing at  the Yellow Breeches Fly Shop- place dear to our hearts, since Laurie and I got married there on the Limestone spring creeks at the Allenberry Resort- while we lived and worked in Washington DC. Here I had the great honor to fish the spring creeks with some of the greats- Vince Marinaro/ Ed Shenk and so many other limestone regulars. Had the great opportunity to meet Trish Manney- Sales/Marketing director for Stackpole books located down the road in Mechanicsburg PA. Also got to fish the Big Spring with Jay Nichols- my editor, who labored with me for years to produce Selectivity. Jay is a remarkable editor/publisher/ for Stackpole and his Headwater Books, that made the book what it is today- and is an amazing photographer to boot!. I caught a real nice wild 20 "Big Spring Rainbow and a nice brookie. But I swore to Jay that I wont post his excellent images since he has a piece in Fly Fisherman in the next few months on the Big Spring- look for it!
( Ed Shenk- the Letort Sculpin master- middle lower )
I fished my sculpins on the hallowed Letort Spring Run in a deluge on Sunday, worked Vince's Meadow and had two nice wild brownies give me several chases but no closers- lookers  and peckers !..very s/r fish that have learned to avoid an Intruder wire dropper hook!- without doubt the most evasive brownies you can fish for !-not everybody's cup of tea
( Sculpin hunting)
( lower Letort Brownie )
I beg to differ with the honorable  legend -Frank "Pheasant Tail" Sawyer, that all BWO nymphs swim with their legs tucked in ! he said legs are not important on a PT nymph. This is partially correct, but in the swimming spurts I have watched of Baetis nymphs in aquaria, they stick their legs out when they drift/tuck in when they push. To a selective /reflective trout, this can be a huge discerning attribute for acceptance. In Selectivity, we leave nothing to chance!..:)
( J:SON Sweden fusion ties I did- imparting the synthetics of J:SON with natural materials for #18 bwo Baetis- The best way to use the materials is focus the realistic synthetics where they have the most impact- wings/legs/ cases etc. and then fuse the tried and true natural materials)
( my cresstacia #16- a scud/sow/bwo nymph all in one- deadly on spring creeks and tail waters)
If you get FLY FISHERMAN magazine , I have an article in the current issue-' Checkmate Steelhead'- Matching the Hatch '.
My book signing/program schedule so far is as follows- hope to see my Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Clients and "in the flesh" friends if you can make it!- social media is fantastic , but a warm hand shake cannot be matched !
Fly Masters Indianapolis- Jan 4th (cancelled due to weather- moved to Feb 22nd)-----Jan 11th- International Angler ,Pittsburgh PA------Jan 13th- Penns Woods Trout Unlimited TU---- Jan 15th Yellow Breeches Fly Shop- Fly Tying- 2:pm-that evening - Cumberland Valley TU, PA Fly Fishing Museum, Allenberry Resort- Boiling Springs PA -7 PM-------Jan 18th-Great Lakes Fly Fishing, Rockford, MI-------Jan 22nd, Housatonic  River Outfitters- Cornwall Bridge, CT------Jan 24th/25th- Somerset Fly Fishing Show, NJ-------Feb 1st- Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters--------Feb 5th, Schultz Outfitters- Ypsilanti MI------Feb 8th, Nomad Anglers- Lansing MI--------Feb 13th, Little Forks Outfitters- Midland , MI--------Feb 15th, Northern Angler- Traverse City,MI-------April 8th- Clinton Valley/Detroit Area TU'S--------April 11th/12th/13th Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival-Waynesboro, VA