Monday, September 2, 2013


( In the lower river , Stenos and Heptagenia hebe, along with tiny bwo's-pseudos occur each evening and the trout are on them big time! J miller image)
( the upper river below the dam is becoming a diptera infested midge fishery with trout gorging on the zillions of midges at dark-shine a light! J Pierson image)
While everyone is chasing salmon up north, for 22 years now since in MI I patiently watch each month slip by each year and cant wait for September on the Mo- a dry fly paradise for head hunter fanatics like myself and others. Waters have cooled and the rain we have had has given us great flows and cold nights and cool days are in the forecast for the next couple weeks. The browns and rainbows have had a great cool summer except for a week or two and are fat and healthy packing on the weight from summers crayfish and are now targeting caddis, mayflies , midges and flying ants- a cornucopia of top water prey. Have the river to yourself during the week and come and experience dry fly fishing at its finest!
( Rex with a donkey brown taken in September on the Mo on a tiny scud)
If I died and went to heaven I would want to be on the Muskegon  or in the Catskills in September when the long leaders, fine tippets, tiny flies and the Selective/reflective trout are dancing on the surface with compound and complex rises and giving you many refusals and flipping you the bird!-love it- paradise found!
(the Muskegon's trout get very fat consuming hundreds of caddis puape and adults each night in the upper river and stenos/hepte's and bwo's in the lower)
(flying ants from size #14-22 browns just started)
( and don't forget the fall Isonychias that just started up also-maily lower river)