Saturday, July 27, 2013


ok...I have seen it all! As I write this the air temperature on July 27th at 3 PM is 59 F. I wore a Patagonia down vest all day. The highs for the past 4 days have been in the upper 60's/low 70's. This forecast is predicted to go on through August- last year on this date it was 103 F !!!!!

SO!.......I am so excited I cant stand it!.
 I am witnessing one of the best summer Skamania runs I have seen in decades. The tributaries of southern Lake Michigan and tributaries of tributaries are being packed with fish. I have finally figured how to take these summer beasts on beetles- both on the plop- and the plop and drop!. Exciting stuff! We just had the magic carpet ride of NE cold winds and a lake turn over, full migration moon, cold temperatures dropping in air and river, and rain! this insane or what?...way too good to be true and haven't seen this global warming pattern in a long time- the steelhead, salmon and trout are blessed and loving it! Last year we couldn't fish until mid September because of the heat and drought...

still have openings for Summer Steelhead in August and the caddis are ripe and ready to pop on the Muskegon with plenty of fat browns and rainbows waiting for them !- well there is a new regime now!.....I'm afraid of what comes after this perfect salmonid weather... a locust plague?
NOTE: with the falling river temps the cinnamon and green caddis larva are ready to pop in big numbers...river bottom covered with them and the water will chill every night as temps drop into the 40's at night- it will be an amazing August on the Mo
( insect images by bug doctor Miller- the master!)