Tuesday, July 16, 2013


( James McNeil-INDNR image)
Sorry for the delay in posting- back from vacation chasing wild browns with and attitude  and now back to work chasing steelhead with a super attitude!. After my addiction started with these chrome warriors in 1989, each year I learn a little more about these amazing fish. The Washougal Summer steelhead  that Indiana has faithfully raised for 45 years is perhaps one of the most violent jumping and beautiful fish to exist all in one package- either an aggressive bull from hell; or a passive /dormant stubborn mule. Indiana has collected its brood stock and what is coming in now is for the anglers  to the southern Lake Michigan IN/MI tribs - its time to go on the hunt- the best is yet to come since good numbers are still in the lake and now down to deeper depths with the heat wave.

Last year was a major revelation since we found out the fish were gorging on beetles in the creeks which was way too cool!. Big Lake charter guides have also found good numbers of larger Mysis shrimp in the north lake's Skamania's bellies so I plan on attacking them with Marc Procopio's pattern he turned me on to- named appropriately :Mysis Procopious.

 Also the 13 year cicadas are out...hell it could get crazy . So terrestrials and shrimp  nymphing will be the calling card this year, plus the big road kill black uglies.....stay tuned for the fun!