Sunday, February 24, 2013


( the "Norwegian prince with a big buck steelhead last night in the snow)
Winter finally came with a vengeance and we love it!....lots of water now and for the spring.
You can't beat the antsy, pent up aggression by the steelhead right now. They are late afternoon to dusk selective beasts and looking at nature unfolding in a dark world of  holding holes and biological drift. Water flows are 2260 cfs- perfect!
Chinook sac fry are emerging along with little black stones. Hex nymphs leaving their burrows, caddis molting and dace and shiners are scurrying the shorelines despite the 33F water temps.Resident and remnant lake-run browns and rainbows crushing all the new food opportunities.

( Little blacks starting to crawl the snowy banks )
( Big alpha bucks wait for last light before they make their move and hammer your fly!- better start carrying these critters in your fly box)
Soon water temps will warm and fish will hit the gravel. Before they do you have a shot at a real trophy!. Life is harder!
We still have some prime dates for steelheading and everyone is waiting to see what the weather does since it was so wacky last year. This year is 'back to normal"...if there is a normal anymore!