Tuesday, January 15, 2013


( Canh Tran from Chicago last Friday with a model perfect hen)
( Son Peter with his first steelhead on the swing Christmas Day...first totally solo...proud Dad!)
( YEES!...FINALLY!....out this spring after waiting centuries!)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!....SO ...is global warming here to stay?....hmmmm... so tough to say. Good news is we have water and excellent flows- Muskegon at 3,000 cfs- haven't seen that in a long time. Fresh steelhead are coming in, full moon coming and looks like spring will be early. So we would like toi see snow or we will have another dry year. But nobody is willing to predict anything. Bottom line, we are fishing all winter like always. Catching winter steelhead is our passion. AND... we have some good slots still open for SPRING STEELHEADING and have a WINTER STEELHEAD SPECIAL on our web site. So get out and enjoy winter....a big snow storm is brewing as I write this ,,,,YUMMY!
( lethal in winter ....my Mykiss Shrimp...tie them down to 12,14,16 on Daichii x120 scud hooks
winter; smaller =better- even on Mo!)
( saw first stonefly crawl on the snowy bank today....1/2 inch of snow isn't exactly snowy...but a half foot is coming!....HOPE)
( my version of the steelhead bugger...very effective winter fly)
( Ice man cometh...the Senyo laser dub minnow...hot!)
( big buck on #14 mykiss shrimp)
( Can't beat the new KAST GEAR gloves and stuff....combine them with the Perfection of Patagonia...and you bake while winter steelheading!)
( Had a great time fishing my  yearly pilgrimage to the hallowed  PA. Letort limestoner over New Years ...the gorgeous and aggressive/active wild browns and the 6 incher that took the 6 inch Roman Moser sculpin- that little guy just graduated to Selectivity school 101 !)
( LOVE TO SHOW BIG BROWNIES!... good client Tom Terry from Chicago with a Wisconsin Lake-run with Pecz the spey man on the swing!)
cheers!!!!!...hope to see you this spring!~