Monday, October 15, 2012


(swith rod and swinging floater)

"what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger"....that about sums up this year!. Worst drought in a hundred years, worst heat ...and FINALLY!....RAIN!...OMG , thought we would never see it!
 River bumped finally up to 1700 cfs from a dismal 860 cfs. And guess what happens....fresh salmon, chrome steelhead, aggressive browns and last night in the 70 degree evening, a dot winged caddis hatch!
 It only can get better!.....let the good times roll!
                                                                   ( matching the salmon egg hatch- Otter soft milking egg style-pegged bead system-switch rod and floating delta taper line)
( Jerry " venus" Demailo - from Cleveland - a brown trout magnet- every time he comes up he hits a nice egg poaching brownie!)