Sunday, September 23, 2012

Survivor trout...and salmon have come!

( summer survivor on caddis pupae above Pine st.- a 20 incher but skinny as a snake)

Had a great week with Mike from Connecticut for three days Spey fishing on Muskegon and St.Joe and  Bill and Dr. Ted from Cleveland and Pittsburgh...thanks guys!

Well ....despite all the rain that went south of us, the cold temperatures finally brought in salmon and the caddis hatches have started. Mike , practicing his Spey casting for his upcoming trip to the Mirimichi in October, also fished caddis pupae with some great results!. He became a member of the "20/20" club....a 20 inch brown on a 20 green caddis pupae.
 Boy was I pleased to see that fish after the miserable heat and drought of summer...thought we lost a ton of trout because of it. The 20 inch...very slender and slinky brown took a caddis pupae while I was rowing the drift boat and Mike was casting and dead drifting Missouri river style.
 Water is still very low but getting cold....890 cfs...but should come up this week. We saw salmon porpoising in pools and game is finally on...but need more water..water temps hitting 60 degree mark...lots of cold nights to come.....tremendous trico and tiny olive hatches every morning!