Thursday, April 19, 2012


(Cahn Tran from Chicago with a fat Muskegon brown from yesterday)
So sorry for the long delay- been a busy spring. It has been a bizarre April and March to say the least- weather up and down- water levels up and down...carzy!
 Anyways, there are still chrome steelhead coming in, the water level is at 2,238 cfs -49F and more rain coming which we need.
(Bob from Rhode Island with his first steelhead yesterday)
 The good news is the large brown trout running around on the Muskegon eating steelhead and sucker eggs and crashing Chinook salmon fry/parr. Today Larry Marsiello and Alan from New York City and I watched several large browns target the the salmon fry near shore with a ferocious appetite. Black stones are waning but still saw two fish targeting egg layers yesterday.
( Cahn Tran from Chicago with yesterday's chrome leaper!)
 Once the hatches start we are going to have amazing dry fly fishing!
 Streamer fishing has been up and down since the browns are so well fed and fat from the zillions of salmon fry.
( Alan Miller from New York city with his first steelhead)
 The run ain't over., just have to work harder and be more patient. We will still get another push of fish if history has any bearing on the nature of things. There is a ton of water in Muskegon Lake that these late running steels get caught up in. Also the cold nights are keeping water temps down.