Saturday, March 24, 2012


( Tom Terry from Chicago with his first steelhead- that is 'sick'- you just don't catch a chromer like that on your first steelhead trip in your first three casts!!!. Tom is an avid saltwater fly guy and great caster and hunted permit down in the FL Keys last week....GO TOMMY!-  he is a native of Alabama where they say "whose yo daddy" a bunch- LOL.....just a little fun here guys and gals!)
It's really out-of control how good the fishing has been in the past 5 days since the water has resided. BC looking chrome hens on steroids, big alpha red bucks that look like large salmon and big brownies are everywhere eating eggs.......I can't wait for dry fly time there are so many fat and healthy trout from last year. The bottom of the river is coated with green caddis larvae and the trout have been chowing down on them all winter.
( ok!....this isn't right also!!!.... Francisco Hernandez, International executive from Mexico for Delphi Corporation with his first steelhead- a massive 40 inch "TOAD" buck that looked like a salmon in girth- then he hit the nice brownie and a few others - first time with a fly rod- another big salt water guy!)

 Coupled with the zillions of Chinook salmon fry and steelhead eggs and these fish are going to push trophy size by the time the sulphers and gray drakes start!....this is going to be an exciting year for trout. The impact the bubbler had on trout survival last year in one of the hottest summers on record was massive- as slight an impact as it had- also the massive increase in caddis and scud populations!
( longtime client Bob Fust with a  nice chrome hen yesterday)
( the new"hot" shore lunch everyone is raving about-  grill seared Scezhuan BBQ sweet and sour chicken with cilantro and Thai spicy pepper peanut noodles with chilies and green onion)

 Water came up 4,980 cfs. Black stones on the surface and trout starting to take dries......and March Madness on the Muskegon continues.......Wild stuff!!!
 Peter Basta is back from Vermont and will be with us thru realy May.
We still have the following dates open if you want to join in on the action- March 29th- April 11th- April 25th- April 30th