Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have seriously never seen more Lin-sane weather!
 Had the pleasure of guiding Jon Ryland, U.K. Medical Director for Britain's Abbott Labs Pharmaceutical Co. on the weekend, and a couple of good ole Oklahoma boys and their lovely lady friend Didi on Monday.....and it was cold and nasty!..........single digit nights and and 20's during the day.
Now its tropical 60's....mother nature had gone mad my friends!
Good news is there are a ton of fish in the Muskegon an the water temps are staying at 36 F - SO NO GRAVEL DIGGING( small isolated patches) YET LIKE ON OTHER RIVERS THANKS TO THE ICE ON THE RESERVOIRS!....WATER FLOW 2,800 CFS.
Jon from the U.K. is a massive London Wasps rugby supporter and had his hat on ....he caught his first steelheads- chrome females and red bucks, and became a steelhead addict.The subject was Rugby and soccer and we had a good time talking about the English Chalk streams of Hampshire.
Sherb, from OK., caught his first fly rod steelhead on a two hander and was hooked for life
There are outstanding numbers of fresh chrome steelhead in the river due to the full moon cycle and rising water- chinook salmon fry are everywhere,,,,hint....hint....!
We still have a few choice dates available for the spring run and look forward to seeing you!