Friday, October 28, 2011


(Steelhead Paul with a nice chromer!)
OK...........sorry for the delay, but this year will go down as one of the most massive fall steelhead runs I've seen since 1999/2001.............ITS OUT OF CONTROL FOLKS!........NO SHIT!
 After witnessing one of the hugest salmon runs "still going on!"......we are inundated with chrome steelhead in big numbers. Swinging and "matching the hatch".........even fly guys like me are racking up big numbers of gorgeous chrome fish!
( Big Roy hits chrome)
 Last week I had the pleasure of guiding Roy Parks, 78 years young financial person and commercial oyster and clam farmer from Rehobath, Maryland for 5 days. Roy has fished for Atlantic salmon and steelhead all over the world- mostly in Quebec/Matapedia/Gaspe and the Dean and Bulkley Rivers in B.C. I met Roy when I was the featured speaker at the National Trout Unlimited Show in Washington D.C. this spring. Roy took one of my master advanced casting classes and wanted to come to fish with me for a week to catch the Michigan "QUAD-FECTA'.........that is Pacific Salmon, Atlantic salmon, Steelhead and a Lake -run Brown. Roy hooked many steelhead and kings, had a nice Atlantic take his fly at a northern destination and just missed a nice brownie..So congrats!......ROY!.3 OUT OF 4 AIN'T BAD!
( Polish Mafia brother Krys from CHI-CAGO with a nice lake run taken swinging with Drew!)

( Northern Lake Atlantic Roy was chasing!)
 Just finished up with the "IRISH PRINCESS"- Sheela and husband Paul who cracked some good steelhead this morning and afternoon.
( Sheela- Irish princess chrome goddess!)
 It can't get any better folks.........November and December will be "ON FIRE" with all the fish we have in the river system already and still huge numbers coming!
( Todays client lunch at Chez Mateo's dock- Greek Lemon Chicken with Tarragon, roasted red and green peppers, mushrooms and vidalia onions in olive oil- Perfecto Senore!- Gordon Ramsey go "F" yourself...LOL!- I just love the guy and watch Kitchen Nightmares every day!)