Monday, October 31, 2011


( Steve with his first Steelhead!- on a two-hander)
Had the pleasure of guiding Washinghton D.C. power attorney Steve Cannon and his lovely daughter Katie this past weekend. Steve used to represent the lobbying firm my wife Laurie worked for when she was in D.C. Steve and daughter"kiki' were totally amazed by the power of these magnificent fish.
( click on bottom right to"full screen" to see leaping steelhead!)
( check out the center-upper left screen for the three hot jumps of the buck that tore Steve up!- I love Washington and all the politicians- my sarcasm was just that!- CHEERS BOYS AND GIRLS ON CAPITOL HILL!)
 Steve has mainly fished for trout in Colorado and Virginia where small streams yield 12 inch brook trout on a good day- not 12-14 lb rainbows! Throwing a an Orvis Helios switch rod and clear sink/Skagit/Scandi systems which I thought him, he and Kiki hit some gorgeous steelhead- he became an addict for life!
( Stev's aerial steel finally captured)
 The river continues to get great runs of steelhead due to the perfect '51F" water temps which give the perfect 'window of run "opportunity I talked about in Steelhead Dreams.
Water level 1770 cfs and clear.........still tons of salmon spawning and lake-run browns coming in!