Friday, October 7, 2011


( James Kuras from Glen Arbor with a HOG!!!)
( Dr. Grace Smith from Pittsburgh with her first fly rod pooled up king!)
( Baconator with my fraternity brother-Andy Stover- first fly rod king!)
( Dr. Matt with today's pooled-up king!)

Pacific Salmon in the Great Lakes have gotten a bad rap from fly fisherman from all the "snag-and drag", gravel raping............doesn't have to be so! The pool fishing- California style, with Bill Schaadt/Grant King comets and bosses is a pure and simple approach to fresh , aggressive kings! You have to have patience, and there will be long periods without hook-ups , but all these happy campers are a testimonial to its success!- plus the fish come in with the fly in their" inner mouth"- that's something most people won't believe!..... No" glass house here", just try it and enjoy!

The autumn blue -winged -olives are taking fat brownies on the surface and caddis are still in "super hatch" stage with hog browns and rainbows taking them every afternoon and evening in this 80 degree weather!...........its awesome stuff!!!

( The dry fly Murphy machine hit 6 browns between 15 and 18 inches on a cold wet Friday last week!)
( Murph's caddis brownie)
( a BWO brownie- fat little piglettes!)
( Phi Delt Bro from 32 years ago I haven't seen since then- Andrew Stover from Cleveland Heights- his first fly rod fish!)
( A real treat for shore lunch- Andy and his brothers shot a bunch of Pheasant at Shooting the Breeze hunt club- so I did  a Thai sweet and sour hot and spicy chilli glaze, with sweet and sour red cabbage and taters......DELISH!...THOSE BREASTS WERE SUCCULANT!)