Friday, October 7, 2011


( Pool caught Chinook with orange comet-I added jungle cock wings)
Sorry for the long delay in posting!..........been doing trout trips, salmon trips and finishing my "Selectivity" book!

We are finally getting some rain., Got great cool autumn days and fresh king salmon are coming in every day..........and some "real brutes" this year mind you!
( The "BIG SWEDE".....Johnny Bloomgren with a huge female king)
We are predominantly pool fishing swinging flies: boss and comet styles. As I am writing a chapter on Salmon for my book, I have been intrigued with the Pacific salmon early developing fly fishery of California's gold coast back in the 40's and 50's. The legendary Bill Schaadt and others held a very intense school of salmon fishing that borders on a fanatical men's club atmosphere..........that's all these guys did would line up their skiff boats at the mouth and estuaries of California's Russian, Eel, and Smith rivers to catch cruising king and coho salmon. Johnny Ferenz, Grant King and a few others were credited with the development of the comet/boss style flies which I have found very effective for salmon in slow , deep pools on the swing!
( my orange comet)
I am trying to tie traditional style flies with my own twist and have found them to be very effective! It is great when you could join -up a little history with our current"line-em and drag'em" Great Lakes mentality to Pacific's...( mind you not all "try" do this and I don't mean to insult anyone- including myself, an at times gravel fishing guide!)

( the new "salmon queen"- Eileen Ferguson with her first fish fly rod salmon on the Muskegon- up till that she had only caught a bluegill!)
Many thanks to Lee Miller and Amelia from Pittsburgh for some great caddis action for trout, Ron and his wife from Da "U.P.", Neil and Gary, the Bubbs, the Bloomgren party and Brian and the new "salmon queen", Eileen!

The caddis action for trout has been "remarkable", with lots of fat, pupae engorged browns and rainbows hitting the surface all day from the dam down to Carmichael flats- the water has never been richer with caddis since the demise of the zebra mussels. Don't forget to fish 'quad winged caddis' now that the numbers of egg laying adults are so enormous!

( the nice "cookie cutter' fat browns on the Muskegon that are packing on the weight  from the caddis explosion- also Emilia's cool Deyonge's Abel !)

( quad spent caddis- John Miller image@)

( Lee Miller of Pittsburgh, master of the "new Letort', and his better half, Emilia)
( my latest Asian concoction stream side- Szechuan sweet and sour Chicken with cilantro and Hoison and spicy hot Thai peanut noodles with chives......delish!)

River is still very low- 1223 cfs, and we need all the rain we can get-lots coming tonight!
For a great DVD story on the California Pacific salmon fishery , check out "RIVERS OF A LOST COAST"- remarkable story that will make you restore your interest in fly fishing for Pacific king salmon!
We still have a few dates left and would love to see you this fall!