Sunday, May 22, 2011


(Chris with a Muskegon  brown of a lifetime!)
With the rapture of earthquakes and doom only hours away, Jeff Bacon and I had the extreme pleasure of guiding two gret bunches of guys. Jeff guided Mark and Chris Courtney- both medical doctors from Chicago and Arizona. Mark has never fly fished and Chris is an avid trout chaser on the Rocky Mountains.
( Dark tan caddis now hatching on Muskegon-#14-16-image by the "Le bug Doktor-Johnny "bugsy" Miller)
 I had my yearly visit from that good 'ole Polack- Grandpa Alex Michalowski from Saginaw, his grand son Johnny from Big Rapids and his son-in law David from Washington, D.C.
The day started out hot and humid. Jeff and his guys hit some nice male steelhead and a "chromer then chrome" fresh female steelie in the morning. I taught my guys the finer art of fishing caddis dries on the surface and we caught a nice 18 inch brown after many dozen presentations to this very snooty selective wise guy!
Later , I tried to get Johnny -age 14- his first steelhead, but he lost three or four after some fierce jumps by the fish.
(Nice fat selective brown David got on the surface!)
 After we had our lunch of Beef Shish-kabobs with basil pesto Potatoes, we saw this "ginormous" grayish olive 7 foot pointed head log swimming right next to the boat."OMG----IT'S A HUGE STURGEON!- I screamed and all three guys were amazed at its sight. It vanished before I could get my camera out.......way too cool!
Finally around 4:45 pm after a long day, Johnny put a nice chrome male steelhead in the boat to his elation! Johnny kept saying," an hour and 15 minutes till its over!"- the 14 yer old lad was fascinated by the whole doomsday thing! Just then , Jeff and the Courtneys came by us and said" You are not going to believe the brown we got stripping Chinook Parr streamers- it was an absolute beast of a river brown at 29 inches-8-9 pounds!!!!( the pictures and video below tell the story!!)
 SO..................6:00 p.m came and went, I was still on earth ( I was a little concerned but my faith teaches me differently) and I sat down and poured a single-malt scotch and lite up a cigar( being the good Jesuit raised Catholic I am), said a prayer and toasted to a "GREAT ALOCALYPTICAL DAY!"
RIVER CONDITIONS-  Muskegon water level perfect-wow!...... where did that new very deep peat color stain come from?- I think the floods really put another big dent into the river's zebra mussels thus the discoloration, which means lots of plankton/ nutrient load and excellent for rising trout to camouflage themselves. One thing zebra mussels-( or as the late Carl Richard's put it" those damn clams!) don't like is fast flows and cold water- we had both this winter and spring for the "double whammy punch! Water at 2,570 cfs- 56 F
( The birthday boy- master Cole Jensen-or otherwise known as "The steelhead slaying Cole-amani"- this dude can really fish!!!Todd-you should be proud of this superstar!)
P.S.........God bless that preacher Camping from California!........poor guy ( SHIT NO!,  I take that back-"rich guy" that radio Evangelist has made multi-millions off his fool hearty followers!) has a lot of time on his hands to make such crack-pot prophecies. I pity all the idiots who left their jobs , drained their bank accounts and destroyed their families over this nut-job's predictions.
"Be very careful what you wish for" as the saying goes.
For it is written, "Behold, for I come like a thief in the night!"- nobody knows the time other than the "real big guy" upstairs-period!
Peter Gabriel and Genesis wrote a great tune back on their "Foxtrot" album in the 70's entitled"Supper's Ready'- if you've never listened to it- its time you downloaded it from I-tunes- Pretty cool stuff!