Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ahhhh.........the middle of May in Michigan! To the fly fisher this is absolutely Nirvana!!!!
We FINALLY got some warmer weather after one of the coldest springs on record. The morel mushrooms have started and the river has so many great choices!
Water level is perfect- 3,300 cfs- nice clear peat stain, and just about everything happening!
 Hatches have started with lots of caddis, Quill Gordons, Black quills( Leptos) and American March Browns , sulphers and drakes soon to come. We still have good numbers of steelhead in the system and chinook parr are everywhere- browns and rainbows chowing down on them!
The beginning  of June will see a ton of hatches fusing together- drakes, isos, sulphers, BWOS,caddis etc. If it stays nice and wet and cool like two years ago( so far that is what National Weather service has predicted!)- BINGO- we will be on fire!
(Allison from New York with an enormous male this past week!- her first day steelheading!)
( big bugs just starting- Quills, march browns, drakes etc.)
( Trout and drop- back steels going GAGA for these guys!_)
( Drakes soon to come- watert temp is 54F- 59F is the magic #)
 Hope to see you !