Sunday, April 17, 2011


(Dr.Grace from Sharon,PA, with an awesome male buck from Saturday!---you go girl!)
SOOO.... sorry for the long delay in posting blog updates!. I've been up to my ass in alligators....busy with great client groups, working trying to put out two new books, market a new DVD, and trying to lead a family life has been KEEPING ME BUSY AS HELL!
(The Barretts from Chicago)
Woke up to snow this morning-when will winter stop!
     Want to thank all the great client groups we have had..........the Kelly group from Boston, the Heils from Wisconsin, and the Whipple group from Connecticut,Barretts, Wayne,...........not to mention the "steelhead queen"- Sheela from Ireland and Paul, the Freidrichs and the "steelhead queen"-Dr. Grace Smith from Sharon, PA.
( John from N.Y.)
River is perfect.......3,800 cfs ( water temp dropped to 41 F from 43-crazy!)- clear and fish hitting gravel and fresh fish and drop-backs in pools. From the Calvary riffle /Pine st./ and dam is where "you" want to fish!
(Sheela-Ireland's steelhead queen)
We have just seen our first run of spring steelhead- we have at least 2-3 more good spring runs to go as soon as water temps hit 50F! May will be on fire and we will probably have steelhead 'till June like all the cold winter/springs in the past!
( one of my"BIG CASINO" boxes)
Afternoons have seen great black stone fly hatches- we hit our first 17 inch brown two days ago on the surface...........THE MAGIC TEMP # IS 43 f-5.0C !- for both steels and black stones
(CDC stone)
( fat morning egg eater and afternoon dry sipper)
We are in for a very cool summer( that is according to the global warming experts which say a cool/wet summer is a sign of global warming!).........hatches will be great and plenty of trout.......THINK  LATE MAY/JUNE FOR GRAY DRAKES!