Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Had a magnigicant 4 days with the Vogels-Joe and Bonnie, and Kelly Payne from the North Carolina Casters group......they became master steelheaders on the fly in a very short time!

(Joe with his 5th steelhead in two days)
 We fished winter pools- and not gravel questing yet- gosh I wish they stay in the pools- that would be nice!
( Joe and Bonnie with Greek herb and garlic chicken and feta pasta!)
Anyways, water droping and warming- tons of stones on the surface today!
All the pictures tell the story........April /May will be on FIRE!!!!
(Joe with his first nice buck steelhead!- Peter Basta-BTW....Bacon, Drew, Allen,......and the guy that knows the least about steelhead.....MOI!.......had a great time!)
( FLY KEY QUESTION FOR SUCCESS!..........what is the river's biological drift now- two things!.......if you have them, you will crush fish!- e-mail me if you've got the answer!- THIS ONE IS JUST PART OF THE SOLUTION!)