Thursday, January 13, 2011


( warming up with Mr. Heater and a hot seafood chowder on the grill- Wild caught Peruvian bay scallops, with leeks, corn, bacon,celery and new potatoes.............yummy and really warms up the bod!

( with her nice feisty chrome hen steelhead!)

I spent the last few days with the new wunderkind steelhead spey slayer,Missy Apmann, good client who is developing into one hell of a two handed caster and could catch chrome! Missy as you recall, is the National award winning equestrian rider, does fox hunts and polo, and is totally immersed in the world of steelhead , atlantic salmon and spey fishing.

Missy was concerned about the snow and cold, single digit wind chills and whether her hands and feet would hold up for at least 8 hours on the river. She did amazingly well!......( also a special thanks to Mr. Heater and his pal Blue Rhino propane!)

Her spey casting came together very well after two days and she hit a feisty chrome hen steelhead in dam pretty chilly water on the Helios 13/6-8 two hander with 14 feet of T-14 and Rio's Skagit 550 grain
You go girl!!!!!
In a side note, the river took a much needed deep , restful sleep today! Matter of fact while I was out, I heard her snoring!!!(rzeka is female for river in Polish). She breathed a deep sigh of relief from yesterdays enforcement efforts. A sincere thanks to CO Ginn and others for his and their much appreciated work!