Sunday, December 12, 2010


( my new creation: The Grim Reaper"-targeting aggressive alpha male steelhead and Atlantic salmon- they crush it!)

( Eric with an awesome buck taken right at dusk during a sleet/snow storm and wind!!! Sorry for the blurred picture!- my shots with my Nikon are usually crisp. But I had the focus on manual due to the continuous auto-focus was chasing every wet sleet and couldn't get a decent light meter read since it was just about dark. Something about the big buck alpha males at dusk in winter conditions. They just seem to wait when the river is completely quiet and that it was!)

( Eric and Steve freezing their butts off today-can't wait to start using my jet sled again as the water comes up. Problem with 20 foot V-hull sleds like mine is they don't do well in very low water conditions like we had all fall( two cracked impellers is enough)

( your humble guide"Sasquatch'- ready for the blizzard)

( my Mykiss Great Lakes Shrimp- using Otter's sucker spawn braid)

Had the great pleasure of guiding Eric Dobkin, Chairman Emeritus for Goldman Sachs in New York City and his good acquaintance , Steven Feinberg from Santa Fe, New Mexico for the past three days. Eric and Steve fish all over the world - from Patagonia/Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina to Russia- they are chasers of the silver chrome and this was their first fishing trip to Michigan.

Learning deep nymphing Great Lakes style and their familiarity with swinging flies, they hit a few few fish despite the up-and-down weather....especially today's brutal wind, snow and cold!

Eric hit a very nice buck steelhead right at the "magic time of dusk" -my favorite bite in winter when the water temps are low. It took a Matt's Mykiss Great Lakes Shrimp and crushed it!

Water has come up to 1490 cfs and snow and cold are coming for the next few days!- we need the bump in water to bring in 'fresh chrome- not the tainted Pavlovian chum dogs"!

Thanks so much guys for your patience , time and generosity!