Thursday, November 4, 2010


Had the extreme pleasure of guiding Jeff and Jerry from Green Bay, WI for two days....GREAT FOLKS!!!, They fish the Bois Brule , one of the most beautiful rivers off of Lake Superior that the Great Lakes have ever produced. If you like the P.M., the Cat in N.Y., the river of "burnt wood''would really appeal to you.

Here are some great pics.......( btw.... Pete H.......we cracked a huge chrome hen when you went up to have a scotch right in front of your dock on a huge copper olive barred leech right at happy hour!!). The drift boat continues to produce .......going slow and making a dozen drops down a run/pool with no noise from the jet ,just stealth rowing from Pine to Henning every I'm ready to go on a the boxing tour circuit.........any challengers!.......As I get older, pumping the oars and feeling the blood in my muscles has been a gift from the man above, to make you feel like a million bucks when you get off the river...Hope the river gets to 600 cfs!!!!

RIVER REPORT: great numbers of fresh steelhead continue to push through the system at 1,150 cfs,,,,,,,,,they seem to race towards the top of the river........????.........HAVEN'T SEEN THIS IN A LONG TIME!