Sunday, October 24, 2010


( I'm "barely " holding up Dr.Tom's pig of a gravid with eggs girl.......IMAGES of Dr. Tom and the three hour pursuit, 17 different fly changes and eventually the landing in the next blog!.stay tuned)

( massive 25 inch girth!)

( the width of this beast was had been eating very good!)

Unbelievable, and wouldn't have imagined it!

On Friday, Dr. Tom's last of five days with me, we decided to head north of Traverse city to some deep-inland clear lakes in search of Atlantic salmon. Tom had a good week swinging flies on the Muskegon catching some awesome chrome fall steelhead and a few fresh Pacific king salmon.........the only thing left was the "TRIFECTA OF A MICHIGAN FALL": Pacific salmon, steelhead and an Atlantic.

What we found was something amazing.............a 26.7 lb chrome female Atlantic that took us 15 minutes to land. It was the largest, thickest, fattest Great Lakes Atlantic I have ever seen.I have chased these things from the St.Mary's in the Sault, deep inland lakes and finger lakes of Michigan and New York, Lakes George and Champlain of the Adirondacks and the Salmon river of New York..........not to mention my salt Atlantics in the Gaspe, Iceland, Scotland and Russia.

The current I.G.F.A. record is a 23 lber taken from a Lake in Sweden in 2002.........I think we got this one beat.

I am proceeding with the paper work, documentation, witness affidavits etc.with the I.G.F.A next week, and if all goes well, Michigan will have yet another world record( besides the last year's world record brown!)

I'm stoked a s hell!

More of the story in the next blog