Wednesday, October 13, 2010


( Missy the salmon slayer!!!)

( Missy the foxhound master!)

I had the extreme pleasure of guiding Missy Apmann and her wonderful mother Nancy the last few is such a pleasure to have two extremely intelligent, beautiful women as clients to spend the day with!( love you guyzes, but women rule when it comes to catching fish!!!!!!!!!!)

Missy is an incredible athlete. This was her first foray into fly fishing. She has hooked giant bill fish, tarpon in deep sea fishing and have fought them for several hours. But when I introduced her to salmon fishing on the Muskegon, she performed incredibly well. From her horse riding skills of concentration with a "gentle touch and extreme focus" , she landed salmon-after - salmon, due to her incredible riding and athletic activity.

She had shown on the hunter/jumper circuit at the highest level......she qualified for her horses at the nationals every year in the top 10 in the country........WOW!!!......places like Palm Beach, Florida,International Kentucky etc.

She now specializes in foxhunting with hounds(Cornwall style hounds), is an amazing tennis player and is fascinated by the art of fly fishing........which she got a taste of the fever with me for two days..her next step is a two -hander!

Bravo Missy and Nancy!- THE PLEASURE WAS ALL MINE!