Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FINALLY...........HOPE AND CHANGE!!!!!!!!

( I showed Dr. Ian my "T-REX", and that amazing brilliant English chap went crazy!!!- these are his "Thunderschtyk wanna bees" for early kings!)

( Chi-town Dr. Jack with a faithful Muskegon May warrior that took a swinging Senyo's "SUPER RUBBER-LEGGED ICE MAN- featured in the next issue of FLY FISHERMAN)

( Dr. Jack with a 25 lber on the Babine last fall with the Moi candy cane)

( a new and improved Babine Candy Cane I tied today for Jack when he returns in Sept. & Oct. to B.C.- they worked for me on the Big B back in the 80's- they are still hot now!- it is perfect and a little more laborious to do them Intruder style- string leech- HULL STYLE-KUDOS TO HULL!!!- which we have now replaced shoe lace string from your favorite shoe master with Power - pro and Dacron-trivia ?- what is the material used for the fl. red tags that originated this historic west coast fly?)- river starts with a "D"
Really, I can't believe I'm using those words- but- I think the disastrous 12 weeks of heat/drought and downright"shit" conditions could be over. Chasing the non- exsistent summer steelhead, and non- exsistent caddis hatches on the Muskegon has taken a brutal toll on this guide!

BUT..........IT WILL FINALLY END? We have a great cold front coming which has already dumped rain and the temps for the daytime highs on Friday will be in the 60's !!!!!- yahoo.
SO, think big flies for the summer runs that are still there in the lake and will come with the cohos and our beloved kings with a vengeance once the rivers cool off. The past three nights on the Muskegon , I actually had an hour of fishable caddis hatch- sparse as it was- just befor dark..........and the Gray Drake lights this morning were coated with blue-winged-olives.

I'm chill'in /wait'in for that" hope and change"- Barak O'man, those words can never be more prefect for what we are wish'in for! It's kinda scary when you are watching the weather channel and radar on your Blackberry hoping Hurricane Earl will make a visit to Michigan and Indiana!

"Be careful what you wish for!!!