Monday, September 13, 2010


(Skamania that took a rubber leg sculpin)

Sorry for the delay in posting. Just did 8 days jumping back from the Muskegon and the Joe.

There is fresh summer steels and coho/Chinooks coming in the Joe. However, the water levels are extremely low and the fish are "TOUGH"-also the Indiana DNR took several hundred Skammies out of the ladder last week at Berrien- so the pickins' is to fresh fish which is good.Had Josh White and his dad Dave from Cincinnati today and Josh cracked an awesome chrome summer run that went two feet to hammer his olive rabbit rubber legs- Josh picked up the Helios switch and the Rio Short Skagit and did an amazing job!!!!

Manistee and P.M. got chrome salmon, but water is low and fish spooky.

THE GREAT NEWS IS!!!!!!!!!.....Bob Mansel has been doing great with 12 to 17 inch browns and rainbows on the Muskegon to great Caddis hatches. The bubbler REALLY HELPED sustain these fish in what will go down as one of the Hottest summers on record!. We would have hit close to 80 degree "lethal" water temps if it were not for the bubbler.

Good,good numbers of salmon coming in the Muskegon. Bob saw dozens of fish already past Pine st.headed to the dam last night.

so.............ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING- go for it!