Wednesday, September 22, 2010


( keep an eye out for this pattern in the new issue of FLY FISHERMAN MAGAZINE)

( Cahn meets "Elvis")

His first hook-up this morning was a huge chrome steelhead!- it had to be a stray summer run- chrome silver, pink cheek and gray back and as long as a torpedo.Four 3-4 foot massive leaps and a 5 minute battle took the fish into the huge weed beds currently being washed down the Muskegon after a hot and low water summer. On very warm years, when the the St. Joe is slow and void of Skamania , we always attract pods of stray summer runs- happened in 2008.
I had the pleasure of guiding Cahn Tran, great client and CEO of Patern Recognition Inc., a nationwide high- tech software company he founded.He hit several nice Chinook salmon swinging orange and black rubber legged comets.

Congrats Cahn!