Sunday, August 1, 2010


Sorry for the long delay in posting!!!- Been chasing summer steelhead with clients for the past 11 days and boy!,it was hotter than hell and tough-tried to avoid getting heat stroke for the most part. The pods of fish we did however find were "massive " in size and we landed a few and lost some hogs! In all earnest , the fish we are seeing this year are huge in comparison to the last 4 years-largest I've seen since 2006- saw two fish in the 40'inch range. Brian at the IDNR confirmed that the few fish that have come in thus far have been very large- he thinks they could be some 4 year olds that are carrying the big shoulders.

But, we need this absolutely abominable heat wave to cease and conditions to change. Probably 90% of the run is still out at the thermoclines in the lake up to 150 feet of water.

Despite the recent full moon period( a magnet for fresh run steelhead), the river temps were too warm for a strong migration. This has to break soon and I predict from the middle of August thru mid September will bring in the mother lode of Skamanias. Seen this happen in 2002, 2008 and many hot El Nino summers.

Fished the Muskegon near the dam last night with clients Walt Zimmerman and Tom from Youngstown , OH. Indy nymphing tiny scuds and caddis larvae/pupae he caught a dozens of rainbows and browns that were fat and in good shape- they are obviously eating well despite the warm temps. The bubbler is trying to get those nigh time temps down to 21 C- which it did last night- but the reservoirs heated up at an ungodly rate with having one of the hottest June and July temps on record( 1916 saw more 90/100 degree F days- that was pre-global warming I think Mr. Gore?)Yes , Moscow in Russia had its first 100 degree day ever on record yesterday!

So, relax cause I think the worst is over. Muskegon at good flows for the summer -1,600 cfs, and their are a ton of case ready caddis pupae ready to pop once temps stabilize cooler- so we are hopefully "over the hump and headed down to cooler nigh time lows.

BTW..........check out the next issue of FLY FISHERMAN MAGAZINE( out on new stands Sept. 12th) for my feature article on Giant Great Lakes lake-run browns!

Cheers!- and think cool-and most importantly, act and look the same!