Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It is amazing how mayflies pick the most ideal evenings to emerge. Last night was prefect! Cool sunny weather,low warm sun-low 70's-upper 60's, high pressure little wind .....and WHAM........everybug was popping early and every fish was on top chowing down! Two types of olives-Drunella and Baetis- sulphers(dorothea), cahills and tons of Isos. Literally the river came alive early(7 ish) and drakes were around by 8 pm -then as the cold came in at dusk- it shut down as fast as it started. My clients the Scweikerts from Belgium got two fat browns and one hog rainbow in the 18-19 inch range- plus tons of fat stockers pushing 11 inches. It was the best activity I've seen all spring and the best conditions with it!

Looks like NOAA was right on their extended June thru August forecast-cold and wet- and that is what we are getting........AWESOME STUFF IF YOU'RE A MAYFLY OR TROUT!!!

River at a very nice slightly up but very clear 2300 cfs- more rain coming tonight. Where was this shit a month ago when we were drying up and sweltering like the Sahara desert!

But remember, one stretch of water could be blank- around the corner you have bugs- that's the Mo!

The size of the drakes have been very big this year- not in numbers though-that is just until now-it has been a bizarre spring so far- hot/cold-dry/wet........the bugs and the fish are confused, along with me!(three types of drakes-Quebencencus,Alternatus, and rapidus)