Wednesday, June 9, 2010


( "Gaspe Tommy" with a nice rainbow taken on an Iso wiggle)

( Isonychia resting from the wind and cold on my bug net last night)

( nice bow on an Iso emerger/dun)

( river looks healthy ,full and green again!!!!)

Cool, wet ,water in the river........ahhhh!- that's a perfect Michigan spring for bugs and trout. Had Tom Harkness from Ferndale last night. Tom is an Atlantic salmon guru who is known for his 30 lb Atlantics in the Gaspe at Camp Boneventure. We had good numbers of Isonychias(the most awesome may fly) and the trout were hitting these fat beefsteak bugs with a vengeance till the rain, cold and wind got stronger.

Flows at a nice 2200 cfs -river looks green and healthy and the next few weeks should see the hatches peak