Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BUGS...GOT EM................OOOPS!........WHERE DID THEY GO?

( drakes at dusk two nights ago)

( nice brown on an Iso emerger)

There have been some crazy nights on the river with the trout and bug hatches. One night you have tons of bugs- next night nothing! This up-and-down see-saw weather has confused the bug hatches big time . Hot /cold/dry/rain-barometric pressure changes which effects bug hatches big time, has been a factor.

Last night guiding Mark McMachen , we had Isos at 6:30 and Mark lost a nice 18-20 inch brown that struck the first few Iso emergers coming off. Then rain came in and it all went Kaput!!

At dusk, we had tons of gray drakes above us , then wind and rain came and the bugs disappeared- Mark did land a nice 16 inch brown that just started to feed.

Water levels slightly up -1900 cfs. So every night is a crap shoot when the magic mayfly equation kicks in.