Saturday, April 24, 2010


Sorry for the delay- very busy and love all the new found northern guide traffic.Bob Dylan wrote it right! Flow is low.......But, we saw and landed some fresh chrome steel coming in. The rain will bring in our steelhead third run- more to come in MAY!
Cold night time temps have kept river temps down. The boat flotilla keeps coming- now Pere Marquette and Manistee brothers of the guide fraternity. Only problem......saw a lot of those drift boats with Huron-Manistee stickers with steelhead on the stringer. Maybe its that when they go away from "the hallowed northern waters", they like to rape and pillage! Shame on you "fly guys"- you know who you are and god damn you and may your penis shrivel to a mere diameter of a pencil-"oh take that back"- a straw!
So, waiting for the Mayflies, saw good numbers of chrome hanging in pools waiting for water like love sick Atlantic salmon.and the rest is coming together.
Images from a few days
Also -FYI- Little Manistee weir only passed 1.700 steels- PROBLEM GUYZ!