Friday, April 30, 2010


( Steelhead studs Tom, Scott and Gerry with nice bucks!)

Sorry for the long delay in posting my fellow brethren- been a busy week. Just when we thought the steelhead run and river was literally "drying up!"- BINGO!- our first batch of May steels showed up.WHY???- a full week of full moon(photo period-pineal gland thing), ice cold 20 degree nights and the steelhead's "gotta get'er done spawning drive , brought some fresh steelhead in. Guys off the piers are still getting spring spawn steelhead, so a second wave is due in the next couple of weeks.

Water levels very low and clear- 1,700 cfs- rain tonight and Sunday-PLEASE LORDY!

A big thanks to this past weeks clients. Peter Lovis from Cambridge, Mass., Dr. Tom Harmon from Minneapolis and the Mayo clinic, Dr. Scott and Phil from Michigan State Univ. and Gerald and Jesse from Solutions/Emerson from Indiana- all caught steel and had a great time. Peter is now an addicted spey caster- good job!

Saw Hydropsyche cinnamon caddis and American March Browns on the water in the aftrenonns- still good numbers of black egg laying stoneflies- some good sized browns and rainbows-lots of stockers- targeting them. Don't forget Chinook salmon fry patterns- drop back steels and trout are targeting them"BIG TIME"(HINT). I have a new pattern-the "chinnie charlie"- will post it on the blog next entry- killer pattern!

All for now- looking for an Indian chief to do a rain dance at the Thornapple landing- got any leads??????