Saturday, April 3, 2010


( Bob with his first steelhead ever!)

( Bob with his second!)

( Bob with the hat-trick- dry fly steelie!)

( Bill from Lansing with a nice buck 4/1)

( John Hennell from Madison,WI with a nice buck 3/31)

Blessed by our Lord's ultimate sacrifice, we had a very good day. Despite the 80 degree heat, gazillions of boat traffic,, sun and very low water, my clients- Dr.Bob Furhman and Dr.Dave from Davenport, Iowa were on their first steelhead trip. They caught some nice kings with us last year and wanted a crack at "those big rainbows- the silver ones"!

Bob hit a very nice buck and hen, which gave us some explosive battles. BUT....the "creme de la creme", was a right pec skipper steelhead bow that eluded us , slashing at black stonefly egg layers on a gravel drop-off tight to an overhanging tree. On his 5 weight Sage and Abel reel, Bob fooled that fish with my Darth Vader Stone cdc and had one hell of a battle on the 5x!.......that was the "SWEET TRIFECTA" that made it a good day - dry fly steelhead!

Many of the Muskegon steelie smolts don't smolt- they linger around for an extra year and feed like pigs- a right pec clip is a good indicator that you got one. Thus the need for the 15 inch, class three regs to protect these late bloomers, eh!

OH......BTW, saw an Asian carp swimming up stream while sun bathing on the river at lunch- it had a sticker on its side that said"VOTE OBAMA FOR A SECOND TERM"!