Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Just got back from spending a day on the lovely White River near Hesparia.Have the pleasure of guiding Doc Laerson- old time client from the 90's- who has moved back and forth from his native Michigan to Florida and back. "Doc' used to guide with me when I spent time on the White- approximately two weeks a year in March- when the Muskegon was blown-out, and I only had a drift boat.For old times sake we are going to spend a few days here like we did when we floated Hesparia to Pudunk- one hell of an ass kicking float in low water mind you-I'm glad I've been working out. Those were the days of the low sided Clackas and then famous guide Jim"COZ" Costolnik- who starred in the the T.V.show on ESPN "IN SEARCH OF FLY WATER".Coz guided for us in the spring and fall from his home waters on the trout filled Delaware- we always raced to see who could get fish and be the first to Garfield Rd. OR THE DREADED PODUNK!!!

Anyways, lots of shore anglers from the dam to Taylor Bridge.Good numbers of Walleye and some steelhead on gravel- best luck was in the deep pools in the sunlight. Hit a couple nice browns also. It was fun to be out on another river for a change. The spots haven't changed much over the years and we had fun reminiscing.

Muskegon is at a great flow-2,760- water hitting 39-40-.Fish starting to dig gravel but are very spooky- just as they are on the White.
NOTE: Peter Basta will be returning again for his 9 th year this spring from the corporate Orvis store guide service in Vermont. We still have a few good dates left for spring steelhead which will last well into the end of May-then the great hatches begin!!!