Monday, March 15, 2010


(The steely Swede doctor- John Bloomgren)

( clown-in around)

(Little black stone- Allocapnia/Tanniopterix)

Spate is a word for "heavy river flows- or run-off". The English gave it that name to tell Atlantic Salmon anglers that"the run is on its way!"

So we have it for the Muskegon. A week ago we were saying" If we don't get some rain- we are gonna be screwed fro spring!!". Water was at summer lows, we were scrapping bottom in certain areas that were at flood stage. An inch or two of rain and snow melt brought us from 1,420 cfs- to 4,290! Just the way we like it on the Mighty Mo- if you know the river and its hidden jewels.

Had the pleasure today of guiding the "big guy"- John Bloomgren.One of the finest steelheaders and nicest guys you'll ever have meet- not to mention one of the elite nuclear engineers in the U.S.!

The "steely Swede" landed one of the most prefect female hens I've seen in years- it jumped 4 times in 36 degree water!!!.

The water was a mud stain in the morning- turning pea green by the afternoon-looking fishy and the big hens are a commeth.

I love it when" the river is blown out".It makes you work harder and the rewards and hard fought battles are so much more special!

Little black stones did big time hatching and egg-laying in the afternoon sun-SPRING IS OFFICIALLY HERE!