Friday, March 12, 2010


(Steelhead Doctor Dale with the first hen)

(Steely Dan with a handsome buck)

If you had a chance to see Michigan-Out-Of Doors last night, hope you enjoyed the winter steelhead program I did with Tony Gates and Jimmy the producer. It was a lot of fun as always being in the boat with a big time Radio"big personality" guy(WLAV, Tony Gates Show) like the "Tone Man". He brings so much excitement and flair that you just watch him in awe!-( but Tony, I wish you didn't loose that big hog you had on!)

Anyways, had the pleasure of guiding two of my best steelhead clients yesterday- experts at big river ,deep water nymphing- Dan Potter and Dale. Dale cracked a big hen on the first cast in the second pool we fished. Dan missed a big male that took him into the timber.

But later landed an awesome buck before the deluge began.

Water has come nicely and much needed! Conditions are excellent and fresh fish are moving in as evidenced by the pictures.

Should be a great weekend. Water level at 3,060................THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT!!!!!