Sunday, March 7, 2010


(Dr. Scott's second buck)

(Scott's first hen)

( Scott's second buck)

( Dr.Karen's first hen on the third cast of the day!)

There is a guide's saying-"I'll bet the House and the Lot it ain't gonna happen"- that is on angling success, the bite ain't on!....... etc.- just tough conditions! Actually there is a famous old timers dry fly invented on the Pere Marquette called "The House and Lot". which Bob Nicholson turned me on to when I wrote the River Journal- Pere Marquette(Amato books)

Anyways, it was" House and Lot" conditions. I had the pleasure of guiding Dr. Scott and Dr. Karen Witter from Michigan State. They were here for the Chef Dan's tribute to Argentina/Chilean cuisine at the Trout and Eagle Lodge- Mussels with Chrizio Sausage, Rack of Aregentine Free- Range Lamb on a lentil tomato puree..........etc....

We did the 10 to 6 shift- the afternoon warm water bite which has produced well for me all week. the time we started there were dozens of boats everywhere- anchored right on top of all the prime holes and runs- the weekend warriors love to do that!

I find a great challenge guiding in these conditions- it "ups" my game , skills and thinking process.It's all about"what, how, and when you fish- and about how much patience and belief you have in, confidence and belief you have in your guiding skills and how well you teach your clients. Dr. Scott and Dr. Karen are the most wonderful clients you could ever have. They embody all of these positive qualities!

The day started out with Karen hooking and landing a nice chrome hen on her third cast...........AND THE REST WAS HISTORY FROM THERE ON OUT!!!!!!

We fish ed 5 spots in 8 hours and caught fish in pools and runs that were fished hard by other spawn, fly and hardware anglers.Boats came up river and down river constantly- several where very kind to stop and let us land the fish- thank you to you know who you are.

Moral of the post- fish tertiary water- fish slow and patiently, show the fish something different and don't be intimidated by how many guys fished that pool before you!. The fish are there and on their own schedule- not on yours! Just because you pull up to their pool , doesn't mean they have to bite for you.

As in everything in live, confidence and persistence pays great rewards and dividends!!

Dr. Karen has recently been diagnosed with and arm and shoulder nerve problem and was amazed with how light the 10 ft/7 Orvis Hydros and Mirage V Combo was for her!