Friday, March 19, 2010


(Mike Lavin with a perfect pair- pretty hen and fire-red buck)

Just like the song, it was another awesome, bluebird sunny day on the mighty Mo. TONS of boat traffic- at least 70 plus boats from the dam to Thornapple.River conditions-PERFECT-3,590 cfs- clear-light mint green color-ideal for steel!

These are the days I love to guide on! It brings the best of your tactical skills, patience- it's like playing chess!

I had the 'one and only"- Dr. Mike Lavin. Financial guru with Bank of America and Meryill Lynch in Chicago, Mike was briefed on our battle tactics for the day and bought into my plan.

We will wait for prime water to open up(two to four boats parked on every pool).......BUT, we would focus on those tertiary-smurf lies the fish are pushed into from all the traffic.

The plan came together perfectly!!!!!!. Patience - most importantly confidence in your skills and the new fly patterns you are showing the fish- something you hope they have not seen that day, and working everything slowly and carefully.

A guide said to me in passing"Gosh there are a lot of boats on the river", I shot back"I LIKE IT LIKE DAT!

Cheers and congrats Dr. Lavin- you earned all of those fish!!

Here are two pics of the more memorable ones in our six hours on the water-Mike got tired,His arm got sore and wanted to go back to the Lodge to save himself for Saturday-poor guy- life's a bitch!