Tuesday, February 9, 2010


live scud image c/o fly fishers republic

Yan's czech shrimp-Orvis pattern

I was told by a fan to "blog more"- I ain't doing it enough he said. So I made a daily vow to do so.

So, come to think about this title of the blog, I don't think we acknowledge or appreciate what a tremendous world class trout fishery we have in this Muskegon, Pere Marquette, Manistee corridor...........it is truely world -class-yes? We put so much emphasis on the steelhead fishery which is rightfully so. But the trout fishing to be had "right now" in bitter cold February would be hard to beat right now except for maybe the White in Clinton country or in Chile/Argentina.

Bob Mansel"the dean of the Muskegon" and one of our awesome guides, had a world class trout nymphing experience last week. On the Muskegon from Croton down, he nymphed up several dozen fat Rainbows and browns between 12 and 16 inches in a short afternoon in 20 degree temps.

He went to the Big Manistee two days later and hit "50 something he said' brown trout in the same size range- he said he got bored catching fish with nobody but a few spawn dunkers looking to crack a steelhead.

Bob is a "lethal nympher", using midge larvae, scuds, czech nymphs etc. in the size 18-24 range. He is a deadly Polish/Czech nympher technique guy and is enjoying the trout heaven here when everyone is sitting home waiting for the Hendrickson hatch on the hallowed Au Sable in April.

Moral of the story!- get your ass out there and enjoy what we have been blessed with. Sitting around and bitching about the economy won't get us anywhere.Promoting what we have is the key to Michigan's hopefully future success. As all the new dudes running for the lame duck Grandholm governors job, they are all saying "we have to re-invent Michigan"!!!!!!!