Saturday, February 20, 2010

UPDATE REPORT-Steelhead/Trout/Walleye-Muskegon, Grand, St. Joseph, Pere Marquette, Big Manistee

( Big question is..... is this an Eagle -Lake strain rainbow that went out to the big lake -or Michigan strain steelhead ??????????. About 9 lber. Sent pictures to all MDNR biologists. J Dexter thinks it is a steel- but can't rule out Eagle -Lake strain. The fish had all the classic Eagle Lake attributes in my opinion. Rounded blunted nose, heavy irregular spotting, lots of vibrant red/orange color on side and under gill plates-especially for a female.........look up Eagle -Lake rainbow on Google.Some of these 80,000 rainbows they stock in the Muskegon must make it out to Lake Michigan- don't ya think?- or grow that big in river?- we have caught them up to 21 inches- residents that is- but never this big. Scale samples and dna testing would be only way to prove)

Awesome weather, now "this" is the global warming I like! - sunny- 40F +.Lot of boats and anglers out today. Muskegon- 1630 cfs- 34-35 F,water very, very clear. Fish tiny stuff or road kill. P.M. is loaded with steel - water also low and clear- lots of boats, wading anglers. Grand river has a ton of steels at 6th st- as does the St. Joseph.Big Manistee brown trout nymphing is world class right now- scuds, midge , brassies.

Snow coming this week. I saw two 'polished gravel' beds yesterday on the Mo- gonna be an early spawn every time we have an El Nino winter- lots of walleyes in the river. We hit some nice eating size 3 lbers this past week on guide trips. If you've never had Late February- early March Walleye, you are missing out on the finest eating transparent fish meat there is!- get em' now before the season closes on March 15th!Clouser and ice man minnows work well if you are a fly fisher.Lot of fish near Croton Dam.

We still have openings for our March 12-14 Spring Steelhead clinic and a few spring dates still left.

REMEMBER- our spring run on the Muskegon goes from March till early June- May sometimes is the finest month. We produce steelhead probably longer than any lower peninsula river!