Friday, February 26, 2010


It was a perfect Michigan winter's day! Perfect as in typical Great Lakes weather - up -down see-saw-cold, wind, sun, clouds, quick band of spitting snow. As Forrest Gump put it" life (Great lakes winter weather in this case), is like a box of chocolates- never know what you're gonna get! One thing was for real, the steelhead were on the big bite for Tom!

Had the pleasure of guiding Tom Bremer, CEO of Bremer Corp. and his assistant Nate. Tom is a big Pere Marquette winter steelheader and has his own drift boat. This was Tom's first winter trip on the Muskegon. Only thing I could say is that he put on a clinic!
He was 100% (hook-up to landing percentage) on all the steels he put in the boat and and made perfect drifts and presentations in all the pools and runs we fished. It was a pleasure watching him fish.
He was amazed by the lightness(2 oz) of the Orvis Hydros 10 ft 7 weight I presented him to use and was totally impressed by how well it fought fish, track casted like an arrow and combined with the lightness of the new large arbor Orvis Mirage V reel, he felt like he was casting a "two weight' all day.Coming from a Sage/Simms guy, that has been the response I've had from my clients on this new set up. Personally, it is my own personal rod and reel of choice when I pleasure fish. I have not been more excited about some new equipment-nor was Tom who wanted to buy the rod/reel combo from me at the end of the day.
Nate- you did excellent presentations also, and next time it will be your day. That is the nature of winter steelheading.
Tom hit his fish on my new Great Lakes Mykiss shrimp pattern that I am featuring in my "Evolution of Great Lakes Steelhead" article coming out in the Steelhead Edition of FLY ROD & REEL magazine this fall.
He also used the new prismatic rainbow smelt Ice Man(Senyo) which is also a killer pattern for lake-run browns .This pattern I will feature in my 'Great Lakes Brown Trout' article coming out in FLY FISHERMAN magazine this fall.
p.s. Yo Bill, the 3x-6.2lb Varivas flouro worked very well given the fact we were iced up all day in the guides, Tom' last fish got stuck in totally frozen up guides and we held the rod under water while we fought the fish.